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Formations Finishing Spritz 8oz


Our Formation finishing spritz is a holding spray spay that provides a soft to firm hold that leaves hair manageable without any sticky, hard buildup.


Up your do with the perfect hold. Our Design Essentials® Formations Spritz is a dynamic finishing spray that provides a long-lasting and touchable hold. Try this when setting curly or updo styles for a look sans any sticky or hard buildup. 



  • Provides long-lasting hold and shine
  • Dries without leaving sticky residue or buildup
  • Hypo-allergenic formula
  • Provides style memory and medium to firm hold

How To Use

  1. Apply to wet or dry hair before or after styling.
  2. Hold bottle 6-8 inches away from the hair using even strokes.

Tip: Spray at the roots, and tease with comb/fingers to lift and create lasting volume.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz


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